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Testimonials for Rita Mertens

European Oxygen Therapy and Reflexology
My experience with facials have not always gone well. Since finding Rita, I have a facial at least once a month. Her energy and knowledge provide a strong foundation to healing in any aspect. The oxygen and nutrtional application is extremely beneficial to continuing the healing of numerous skin and health issues. My skin is more moist, has less wrinkles and dimished breakouts from hormonal changes. I have sessions with oxygen for infected areas of the skin or even respiratory issues. Constipation, pain, fatigue, etc. are no match for her wonderful Reflexoloy. I refer my patients to her for their own needs. EO
European Oxygen Therapy
Rita gives one of the most dynamic facials I have had in Tampa. She is so well informed about the body and what is the best for it. She has a touch that is brilliant and skilled. The products that are utilized are the highest quality and are imported from Europe and Brazil, where skin care is held in highest regard. Rita has degrees in several different modalities of body and skin care and is very up to date. 5 Stars! ***** !!! PW
Trigger Point Therapy
While working in the Hancock Holistic Clinic where Rita has her treatment center, I was lamenting that my ribs were hurting quite badly every time I took a breath. Since I had open heart surgery the summer before, I expected my ribs to bother me for some time, however I still did not expect to still be in pain in October. Rita watched as I breathed and she noticed that my ribs were totally immobile. This of course set me up for continuing pain. Rita worked on me for several sessions and completely restored movement in my ribs and shoulders. Each massage ended a short reflexology session which gave me a much appreciated boost to my healing. DM





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